Is it okay to use brave using same ip but different pc's

Hello guys, I have a doubt that i have around like 5 PC’s in my house and my family members including me, we use brave on a daily purpose and our brave rewards are turned on.
So my doubt is that we all use same wifi network so we all have same ip address.
Will there be any using multiple PC’s on same network and using brave rewards??
I doubt that my brave rewards can be flagged or my brave creators account can be flagged or my uphold account can be banned??

I don’t think that you’ll get flagged. You don’t self tip, right ?
So highly unlikely, that you’ll get flagged for using same IP for many devices for Brave rewards. Just to be safe, I’ll tag people from Brave.@saltybanana

okay but i am not clear yet!?

What do you mean? I don’t understand

@parthav15 There’s no limitation on that type of thing. As @SmartyAadi was trying to hint, the only thing that might have created an issue is if every one of those devices were all tipping 100% of their earnings to the same Creator or something.

It will still look for unusual activity. So if you’re doing something you shouldn’t be, like using bots to try to generate ads, it will catch and get them eventually. Obviously more things to the “unusual activity” than that, but just an example. If you’re saying all legitimate devices and people using them, you’ll have no issues

Should i not be tipping 100% to same creator??
can i tip like 50 or 70%?

And yes they are all legitimate and earning money legally and not going against rules…

can you tell me???

@parthav15 Brah, just don’t do what you’re not supposed to. I’m not going to sit here and walk you through to tell you the limits of the fraud detection. They point I was making is that if you were doing things to try to bypass restrictions by Brave or to violate laws, then you’ll get in trouble. Also if you’re trying to set up emulators, run “BAT farms” by running a bunch of devices by yourself, etc then you’ll risk getting flagged.

However, if you’re just a normal User and not doing anything to try to take advantage of Users or Brave, you’ll be fine.

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