Is it normal for the payment to arrive less than what the browser shows?

Hello good, it may seem like a joke for this

But it is normal that less BAT arrives, according to the browser it shows that it should have reached Uphold 12,051 BAT, but 11,995 BAT arrived. How is this???

Brave 08-07

Seems to be the current issue, This time though, I got a bit more of my calculated rewards. Could not be more than 15 BAT between my two devices and it was 15+ BAT, but who knows why.

Yes, it’s weird, it seems like there was a fee for the transaction, but I don’t think so, another mistake I guess

Yes, this part is what used to be very normal for Brave. They have fixed the larger issue it seems and we’re back to this.

“Why is my payment amount different than what my ‘estimated earnings’ was showing”?
This is perfectly normal! Sometimes ads do not fully reconcile (“cash in”) before the end of the payment period. So while this does appear in your Estimated earnings in real time, unreconciled funds will not appear in the current month’s payout and will instead be “rolled over” into next month’s payment.

Well, I’m assuming that yours is that situation. Not sure if you paid enough attention to see what your Estimated Earnings are and whether it appeared there.

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