Is it normal for Brave Rewards to ask me to "Try again" on every fresh start-up?

Whenever I do a fresh start-up on the Brave browser, I always get greeted with the “Try again” message in the Brave Rewards section. Here’s an example in the screenshot below. Now is this normal behavior of the Brave rewards? or does it have anything to do with my unreliable internet connection? I’m simply curious.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi. I have gotten this thing also two times, but not each time. In the same time I get the ads shown as well the sponsored background pictures, but the ads do not get counted and no tokens get collected. Do you have this issue also?

I’m currently not experiencing your second issue, but the first issue is persistent.

@cenon415, @Ingus when that happen to me i only open a new tab and it works normally

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