İs it normal 77 ads 3.9 BAT

İ watched 77 ads and i earned 3.9 BAT. İs it normal ?

Hi @Sinan - thanks for writing in. What OS and Brave version are you on?

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Version . is 1,8,112.

Can you DM me your Rewards Internals - can be found brave://rewards-internals/.

Hi, what is the “ratio”, ad / BAT, i’m curious, does it change if BAT value goes up?
354 / 18.7 BAT (desktop)
175 / 8.9 ( android )

İ cant send message now. İ didnt know has limited sorry :(. 19 hour later i will send to u S.S

You are lucky guy! I haven’t seen any ad from months :slight_smile:

İ think so :slight_smile: if i not do after see ad turn on turn off. İ not see ad. Try turn on turn off Brave rewards setting

That looks normal. It is the estimated Reward. You get 0.1 BAT for 2 Ads clicking / viewing. The real Reward is giving at the end of monthly period if you claim your Rewards to your wallet. In April for March their was a conversion of factor 1.5. So for estimated 10 BAT you get 15 BAT.
My April Reward is still missing

I did it, but I try once again, thanks! :slight_smile:

It fluctuates depending on value of BAT token. Used to be 0.04 BAT but lately has been 0.05 to 0.058 BAT. It may change depending how much advertisers pay in each country. We all get 70% of the ad revenue, so if advertisers in India pay less per ad than in Australia, Indian users will get less per ad.

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