Is it necessary to add the uphold wallet after you have restored?

I have restored the wallet brave to a new device
Is it necessary to re-add the uphold wallet to new devices?
The wallet has been verified and it is being added on another device with the same wallet brave.

If you want to receive yours in your Uphold account, then yes. Recovery code is not a wallet sync code.

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dear @eljuno
I mean, if I want to receive Brave Ads payment, do I need to re-add the uphold wallet on my new device? (the device has been restored to Brave’s wallet)

Same reply like above :point_up: with addition:

You’ll still able to claim your earning. But If you not connect your Uphold account it’ll be deposited to your brave:rewards wallet in your browser.

dear @eljuno
If I restore 1 brave wallet via 5 different devices then I have to add my uphold wallet on all 5 devices? Then can i receive my uphold wallet payment?
Because I have 5 devices using 1 brave wallet
I don’t know how to do it right.

Actually, you don’t need to restore wallet in other devices. Like the name suggest, recovery code is used to recover your wallet.

Each new installation will get its own wallet. And can be connected to Uphold account even though it’s different browser wallet.

Yes. If you want to receive your payment in your Uphold account. But, the limit is 4 browser wallets.

The 5th wallet will not be deposited to Uphold.

thanks @eljuno
I have understood
3 months have passed and I have yet to receive your payment.
I am very worried

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