Is it impossible to move the tabs in the favorites bar?

I cannot move the tabs in the favorites bar to my wish / control …
I would like to know if there is any way here to improve the settings in Brave - something like about: config in Firefox.
I did not see any similar topic here at this forum, if i’m not clear enough, please, let me know i have some problems with english.

Thanks for any indication.

Oh, can you not manually add it?

Just remove all of the Tabs that you would like unfavorite and then a “+” box will appear from which you can add new sites.

Thanks for your answser. No. What i need it is to move what is at the left side of the bar to the right side …

[favorites bar: ‘Temporar …’ ‘Favoritos’ >> ‘Otros favoritos’]

(Cannot move the tabs in the favorites bar)

I started to do some things and I left it worse than before, (I deleted all the tabs from the bar, nothing …) now I lost, and I cannot recover, the option / tab that I had on the right side of the bar. …
Can someone tell me if it is impossible to drag those tabs from one side to the other at your convenience or if it requires a very sophisticated way…?
Or at least, if it is the case that this possibility actually doesn’t work … Can someone say it clearly?. Thanks.

OOooooh, you are talking about that “Otros favoritos”?

No, you currently can’t move “Favoritos” to the right.

I thought you were asking about this:


So, I got confused

Well, now that the matter is fully clarified much better …
All I need is to keep at least one tab, but to my right side, how can I get to do that? – I have eliminated all the tabs from the bar and when I create them again, they come back to the left side, again and again… (?).
At the moment there is nothing on my right …

Choose a page that you need to Bookmark. And then Do this:


In “Folder” select Otros Favoritos

It is no just a page what i need to bookmark it is my whole list of favorites (they are all included in only one tap: ‘Favoritos’).

First, only bookmark one tab.

Then it will create “Otros Favoritos” Then you can drag the others one-by-one.

This window: ‘Edit bookmark’, i don’t see how to get it, is not displayed at the Menu – everything here is hide and not ‘friendly’.

Ok, i did not found the window, by guessing I was able to get this done, dragging favoritos into other favoritos in the folders, this is what i got now:

But it’s not what I want, what I need is a single tab on my right side with only my favorites, not that string of folders …

Is it not possible? Thanks.

You have to drag it one-by-one as I Had said…

I had not realized what you wanted to say since I want to transport the ‘Favorites’ tab (not the favorites / bookmarks) to the extreme right of the bar but apparently it is not possible since it is designed to be the ‘Other favorites’ the one that occupies the site at the right irrevocably, very strange but if so … I am not complaining anyway, the browser has many other advantages.
Thanks for everything.

A clarification, it is not a whim … I am user of firefox for years and since this bar over there is on top … well, out of habit yesterday I went to the favorites tab thinking it was the page/tab and I deleted them all, thank goodness that i was not yet uninstalled firefox and was able to import …

You can still copy the contents from the “Favoritos” to “Otros Favoritos”, But you can’t rename “Otros Favoritos” to “Favoritos”.

We have different Languages, so it is hard to explain properly. Sorry if something was wrong.

View this Video: I will show you how to transfer…

Site: brave://bookmarks
“Ctrl+Click” to select multiple Bookmarks…

I did it … but as you said it can’t be renamed :cry: and yes most the time i need to use the google translator, but it is ok, now i understood what you means …

Thank you very much for you help!.

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Glad I could help :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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