Is it fine if someone making anonymous exchange service for unverified wallet


would the following use case legal or valid and did not break any rule of brave ?

  1. using a creator account to let people with unverified wallet to tip him/her
  2. each user send a verification to his/her tipping
  3. the creator swap send those BAT or swap them with other currency that has lower gas fees to the new brave wallet or to other external address in case if they decide to swap it with other crypto
  4. this creator cut some percentage for doing those process
  5. of course any fees will be cut from the user who tip the creator like the fees being cut for the tipping itself and the swap or exchange fees

so the outcome would be even the unverified user get part or their reward

so does the above break any rule from brave or not ?

thanks for your time and have a nice day :slight_smile:

What if this creator decides to keep it all and spam people out of their BATs? This has soo much room for misuse.
I highly suggest not to do this. Brave may suspend the account and everyone loses all they sent.
I would certainly not allow this if I had a say within the Brave Team.

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Hello @xMovingTarget

sure there room for misuse but for example if i know creator who i trust so does doing that be valid or not

so sorry for not clearing that and maybe i was talking in general just to see if it valid or not

so maybe if that valid there be many creator do it based with user who trust them so it not be like a single exchange service but many ways but same tech

brave aside, this could potentially be an issue with uphold or gemini (whichever the creator uses)

hypothetically the creator might want to make wallets specifically to receive funds from their exchange before sending them on to the tippers. just in case.

Even in that case. You account can get suspended for selftipping. But what you want to do still is selftipping with a thirdparty in between.
I would not risk any legal issues potentially coming from it. I am no lawyer, but I still wouldnt risk it.
You essentially bypass venues Brave has set up. And this third party has no KYS etc. That is why we have uphold/gemini paired with brave. To ensure safe and secure transfers.
By doing it the way you described you could potentially cause legal problems for brave.
Take what I said with a grain of salt, But usually there are business contracts that require certain things. And your question could certainly be a contract violation.

no selftipping included in this case user A trust creator called user B so A tip B with his/her BAT no selftipping here

that why i ask if it legal or does it break any brave rule

uphold and gemini important come from the point of the requirement of kyc if it was not required then brave would send the BAT directly to the user

that another reason for my question as i do not want to harm anyone

thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a nice day :slight_smile:

that would add more fees for the transferring process so better to swap bat with other crypto then send it
of course it will need more digging on that to make the right call but first is it legal or not

thanks for sharing your thought and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I think main question is Whether it will be accepted by brave team? When creator will have to explain this all to brave team if in case creator’s account get suspended (High probability) In my opinion NO they will not consider it legitimate as this is not the purpose for which feature like “tipping” is introduced by brave.

sure that important as there will be huge tipping for that creator

specially it reasonable that people would save BAT till get to certain number then do the tip to reduce the many fees in the process

i think the team will kick me in the face for bringing that here :joy:

who know maybe one of the community come with better idea :slight_smile:

thanks for adding your 2 cents to it and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I think you brought up great questions. I saw an Indonesian user mentioned that gemini and uphold are not available for his/her country. vBAT gained can be used for tipping without KYC. I think it is brilliant when BAT can be a major circulating crypto for both ad-sense(get coins watching ads) and content creators or ad-words(paying advertising) like functions.

It will be amazing that we can use vBAT to exchange for products like digital products without KYC. I see lots of potentials and opportunities. Just that the developments looks a bit longer than I expected. vBAT is BAT without KYC.(if I didn’t understand wrongly)

yes in simple form but their issue plus is it legal

there a lot of consideration of this

  1. brave cut small percentage from the creator BAT for the transaction fees if i remember it 5%

  2. there a fees for swap the BAT to different coin (which coin will be better for cost
    not sure if monero would be better or not)and transfer it to the user back to their wallet or even send it directly to their new brave wallet not sure which will be more cost effective

  3. what the good time frame to do this so will the user do it monthly or yearly the more time frame the less fees will be cut as step 2 will not be a percentage but fixed amount

  4. of course the creator should cut some amount but it should be very small to reduce the cost the creator depend on the number of users to get good amount at the end

  5. is it legal and does it break any brave rule ?

  6. for choose which creator it will depend on user choice so if user know some creator he/she trust (maybe they relative or friends or the user trust someone who trust this creator) so it be like marketing based in closed circle so in other word it will not be like one shop but a tech process that publish and everyone can use it and in the end it will be relationship between that creator and that user no one blame for any issue

  7. also how to verify that user x tips creator y with z amount ?

  8. would that trigger any system issue to the creator cause of the high volume of tips

some hint this process is not competitor of uphold and gemini as user will get his/her full BAT if he/she used uphold/gemeni but this way has many fees

not sure if their any other consideration or not but the more people join the discussion the better way it could get but the issue we need a confirmations from the team that we did not break any rule for them or but them in hard situation

@AWK thanks for your thoughts and have a nice day :slight_smile:

5% is tipping or the visitors watching ads at creator’s channel?(I don’t know is 5%)

there are pros and cons here. It also depends on how the individual sees the value/potential of the cryptocurrency in the future. Some people may feel one of the other kinds may worth more in the future. They may be ok to sacrifice the fees.

You have the answer? is it better to do yearly to cut down the fees?

I think it is reasonable to cut some amount but not too much. This is what I wrote in other corner of Brave Community.
I prefer calling it BRAT - Brave Attention Token, a daring crypto and only one I think will be powerful if being designed and developed in the ideal way I expected below:

  1. BRAT can be seamless crypto(like ad-sense using fiat) for tipping/rewarding watching ads, products & services and even for great ideas. Also powerfully, it can be used for advertising straight like ad-words.
    => this idea is totally mind-blowing
  2. vBAT => BAT(real BAT to trade for crypto and fiat)
    It will be great if people have the list on what vBAT and BAT can be used on. It looks to me like the special chips in casino, those chips can only be played on table but can’t exchanged for cash.
  3. I have been researching on crypto, it looks to me as similarities below:
    banks = crypto platforms
    networks = fees charging protocols/financial fee
    cryptocurrencies = different country currencies

if there is so much fee charging and also KYC involved, why created another wheel?
Many people got fed up with current financial system, that is the core reason that cryptocurrencies is now the emerging trend. But when there are so much fees cut and so many KYC requirements, the followers may leave for good and make the crypto be useless.

In my opinion, when not many people do that, that is fine. But when people get overboard like the referral program, brave will step in and penalize. (usually the case)

I think it is legit to do that with different network(my opinion)

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brave cut 5% from the creator BAT so for example if creator get tipped by 1000 BAT this month brave will cut 50 BAT from it for the transaction fees and all those stuff they do

no cut from user who use the reward system this cut from the creator only

i agree just wanted to bring all my thoughts and what i got from @lowner @proxynotavailable @xMovingTarget and yourself inside single comment

that why i like Monero one of the few real privacy coin out there

the issue company should follow the low that why kyc jump in

loool the only thing you can do with vbat that you tip creator nothing else for BAT you can do everything

but the main difference that no central control

it will be nightmare if it suspended the creator account that why a confirmation required cause many thing depend on it

hope so :slight_smile:

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