Is it even possible to transfer all my built up crypto and BAT from Uphold to Gemini?

I cannot begin to explain how frustrated I am right now.

I just made a Gemini account and set it to receive my BAT rewards there instead of Uphold which I have been using up until now.

The reason for this is Uphold absoloutely refuses to let me connect my Canadian bank account for withdrawal. Heres proof:
Uphold Cant Withdraw
Uphold Cant Withdraw2

So the hope was I could swap to Gemini, link my bank there and transfer all of the crypto I’ve built up in Uphold over. Gemini does acknowledge the existence of Canada and my bank but is just as withholding. “Plaid is currently experiencing connection issues with this institution, please try another bank” or, sending me verification codes over and over without getting anywhere.

If I do manage to link my bank to Gemini and have some way to withdraw this money, will I even be able to transfer my crypto in uphold to gemini, how would I do this?

If not, what platform do I need to use to let me do this that will actually let me link my bank as well.

While I can’t speak for the issues occurring w/Plaid at this time, you can transfer funds in Uphold (BAT or otherwise) to another crypto custodian/exchange from Uphold directly:

I don’t know if I am missing something, I don’t know if I’m high. But what you’re saying does not seem possible in any way.

All the money I have genereated through brave rewards in my Uphold account right now is simply stuck there with no way to withdraw it to my bank or move it to another exchange like Gemini. If I am missing something please help me to see it.

I guess I will contact Up Hole support and see what they say.

The document I linked above should cover instructions on how to move funds (of any kind) from your Uphold account to another provider.

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