Is it difficult to fix this simple bug?

An Old Bug: If you mute a Youtube icon made on a pinned tab by clicking, and clicking again to unmute, it doesn’t work This is a fatal bug that hasn’t been fixed about 6 month. I know it is known bug, bug it is pretty long time not be solved.

I just did it, works for me. What browser version and OS are you using?

Real Grizzly Bear Charge Handled Without Bear Spray - YouTube - Brave 7_22_2022 12_51_25 AM

So I’m using Version 1.41.100 on Windows 10. On the tabs, the volume thign is on the left side of each tab. Tapping it will mute it. You can see in this screenshot I muted one and had one going. I actually tried flipping around and opening more, it all worked.

You didn’t make ‘fix the tab’
It is very famous known bug.

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