Is it correct to say that Brave is still in "beta"?

I find myself wanting to say that Brave is still in beta because of all the features that it’s missing, but I just put some thought into it and realized that the beta build is a completely separate build. This makes me wonder if it’s correct for me to say that it’s in beta, considering the “Brave Release” build is a thing?

Maybe the beta is actually alpha and official release is Beta? Or is it Gamma already? :smiley:

Why do you think it’s beta? What features are missing?
I like to think about the major task an application has to do, in case of a browser that’s browsing. And I would say Brave definitely is able to do that and offers a lot more than that … in fact, a browser, which implements chromium completely without major bugs cannot considered as being beta in my opinion.
An exception to that would be if the product claims to be more than that, so perhaps Brave for example say they want to be “private, secure and fast” … I would say generally spoken they achieved that. Brave definitely has some “beta”-features like all the crypto-add stuff, but I would consider this as an extra feature and not part of the core functionality.

So basically: It has all the core functionality and works quite stable without major bugs -> stable and not beta anymore

@leon0402 They also want to revolutionize how monetization works on the internet, which means one of their goals is mass adoption, and they’re missing key features in that aspect—the two biggest probably being password sync and tab sync.

I think it is in beta maybe they don’t call it beta but basicly it’s beta untill all the widespread problems get worked out