Is it against the rules to send tips to yourself?

Recently my account was flagged for suspicious activity.

The issue is now resolved and my account is no longer suspended, though I had to make an appeal.

During the appeals process I explained that there are two reasons I can think of why my account may have been flagged. It could either be because my friend tipped their BAT to me from the same house and the IP got flagged, or, it could be because I am unable to withdraw my BAT to uphold from the Brave mobile browser and so I tipped my own youtube account a couple of times, in order to be able to access the funds from my desktop.

As I explained it and my appeal was granted, I presume that this is not against the rules and it must have been some other issue that Iā€™m unaware of which caused my account to be flagged.

Unfortunately, the response I received to the appeal was a generic e-mail which gave no explanation as to whether or not either of these actions had caused the issue. The link to the support ticket has been removed from the creator dashboard and so I am unable to see whether any personalised response was made by an admin before the ticket was closed.

Please can you confirm whether or not both of these actions are permitted? Is it safe for me to continue tipping myself from my mobile browser in order to access the coins from my desktop, or will I be banned?

I have scoured the docs and I cannot find any information on this subject. TIA!

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