Is it a must I use Google?



I downloaded Brave to try and get away from using Google or Chrome, but it seems everything I do here leads me right back to chrome. Or I get told thatb my cookies aren’t on when clearly they are. Starting to feel this Browser is just another waste of time.


Try Setting your Setting like this (bing is Example)


I already have my setting set up to use Bing and not Google.
Private Tabs are set to use DuckGo, but when I click on a link in/on a web page, it automatically opens up Brave and searches using Google, but it can’t, I get an Error message telling me My cookie aren’t right. Seems as if Brave and Google isn’t in Sync with each other. *(This also happens regardless who I have set as default browser)

I have no set default search browser (no real preference) because I have moved back and forth between the Both Chrome and Brave until I get more accustom, so I leave it blank. I do know, regardless if I’m using Brave, Chrome, IE, Etc… I always get pointed back to Brave(As if it’s my default) whenever I’m looking to search for something on the internet.

Clicked on Brave this morning and Bing homepage appeared. (Great) but when I went to sign in(which I thought I was already) It wouldn’t allow me too. I clicked the “Log-in” button, the screen flashed, and went back to same page… Hmmmmm
To get here, I had to follow an Email link through Chrome…I don’t know…
Thanks in advance for any/all your help.


Sorry for the delay. Could i have a example of the links that search using Google. I might know what to do but i will need an example

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