Is closing last tab supposed to exit Brave (on Ubuntu)?


(Not saying this is a bug. Just asking what’s expected.)

On Windows 10, when I close the last tab, Brave exits. Other browsers (Chrome, Chromium, Firefox) have the same behaviour. All’s well.

With Brave on Ubuntu, closing last tab leaves the main Brave window there, no tabs. To exit the browser, I must click the close button, or File / Exit, or other technique. I see this on both Ubuntu machines where I use Brave. Other browsers on the same computers exit when I close the final tab.

It’s an unexpected behaviour, but it’s not a problem, & if I got used to it, I’d like it. (I dislike lots of tabs, rarely have more than 6 open at a time, close tabs as soon as I’m finished with them. I sometimes close the final tab by accident. That exits most browsers. If a browser kept running… Yeah, I could get used to that.)

So I’m not saying there’s a bug. Just asking what’s expected.


There is probably a setting to select either behavior, at least I hope so. Can anybody tell me & deadhacker how to find it?

(I like the “Don’t close the browser when the last tab is closed” behavior MUCH better, on Windows AND Linux, I just haven’t used Brave on Linux yet.)


Hi @deadhacker @tlaloc77,

I think that’s the expected behavior. Only Mac and AFAIK some linux[1] version that not quit Brave if closing last tab. Unless user hit Ctrl/Cmd+Q or Close/Exit Brave via menu.

[1] need confirmation from @sriram. re: linux version


And no way to change that? Aw :frowning:


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