Is clearBrowsingData just as good as starting up a new incognito tab?

This is a two part question:

  1. I have Brave set to clear cookies, cached images/files, auto-fill form data, and hosted app data on exit. Is this just as effective (in terms of privacy on the web) as using incognito tabs? Of course locally, I leave my history alone and clear that manually instead whenever I see fit, but it’s my understanding that your browsing history is 100% local and can’t be accessed by sites. Is my understanding correct?

  2. Other than clearing on exit, would clearing everything manually (advanced, all time, same settings as clear on exit) be just as good as restarting my browser that clears everything on exit?


Hello @pufferfish

not sure what you mean with locally ?

here some of how site work

when you visit a website they keep some info on your device like cookies and other storage stuff so that when you visit them again they can show you the same experience you had before like maybe you change the theme like use dark mode or something using some other option they offer login

so when you clear your cache it clear those stuff that the sites saved before when you use the incognito mode it clear those stuff once you close it so you can say it auto clear it but per site

sites still can know you if you login again cause they already has an account for you
also if you have a fixed ip then they can predict if it was you or not

security and privacy is not about single app or tool it about a process that sites want to break it and you use tools to keep it strong

and have a nice day :slight_smile:


As for browsing and download history, I was asking if my understanding that it cannot be seen by websites is correct. I’m not referring to the broader internet, I’m referring to the actual “Browsing history” and “Download history” in my browser.

I understand what clearing cookies and cache does, I’m just looking for confirmation that it would be just as good as starting a fresh incognito session or if there’s some lingering data that the clearBrowsingData setting doesn’t delete.


if you choose to clear from the beginning of time then both are the same


All the same.

When a Private Tab is closed, it deletes every single bit of browsing data on exit.

If you setup Brave to delete every single bits of data on exit, then you have turned Brave into a Private Tabs Only browser.

Same with any browser, not just Brave.

Seems brighter?


If you want to replicate the behavior of a private window you must also disable “Resume where I left off” option. Otherwise the app saves the state of your browser window and re-opens all of the tabs from the prior session.

What you also need to consider is some browsers have the ability for the private mode to work separately on each tab. For instance you loaded a website in one tab and logged into an account. You then open a new tab of the same website it asks you to login again, because the tabs cannot read off each other.

Whereas if you are simply using a browser not in private mode then every website you visit will still be able to read your cookies. They take them and all you do is remove them from your computer when you exit the browser. It doesn’t prevent the websites from getting them at all.

Every time you use the internet the websites are wanting to track what you are looking at and what you click on and how long you watch something. Just because you clear your history and cookies at the end of each session does not mean nobody can see what you are doing. The website knows what you are doing when you click on the site and browse the site.

History is looked at especially on sites like Facebook, Google, Youtube, and Twitter. They use history to find out where you were before you got to their site and where you go after being on their site. It’s how they target their ads and how they track their users even if you are not logged into their site.

Long story short the only way I see your method working would be to get a VPN that way your browsing history and other data is not tracked back to you. Since you are not using the internet in a private tab the sites you visit still know it’s you from the model of computer you are using to your IP Address. The only way your methods would be effective would be if you are trying to hide what sites you visit from someone getting on the computer behind you and looking at your browsing history.

An article on this information that may help you 6 Ways You Can Be Tracked While Incognito or Private Browsing


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