Is Brave well optimized for the Google Pixel 8? I have slower loading times

Hello, I am doing page loading tests with the Google Pixel 8 and my previous mobile phone (Xiami) which is more than 5 years old. The result is that many times when browsing forums or web loads, the Xiaomi does it a little faster than the Pixel 8, I feel like this is a newer mobile. To see if the problem was Brave or not, I did the same test with Chrome and here things change, on the Pixel 8 the websites and navigation load faster on the Pixel 8 than on the Xiaomi. Testing the loading of content in other apps such as Instagram, Google news, etc., the loading is similar. Therefore, I have realized that Brave on the Google Pixel 8 has worse content loading times than a 5-year-old mobile phone (Xiaomi). I leave it here as information to see if this can be improved on this phone model so that it gains content loading speed when using Brave. Thank you very much for your time and work.

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