Is Brave taking a different design perspective?


By introducing the latest Chromium edition, is Brave taking a different design perspective?


Right now it’s pretty much bare Chromium as they’re currently working on taking all calls to Google aspects out of it in the transition to Core (recent move from Muon to Chromium), improving the necessary Brave USPs into it and additional enhancements where needed but soon after they’re going to focus much of their attention on the UI, at least I think they are.

Something’s just puzzled me, traditionally would UI/UX developers just work on improving the UI/UX aspect of a product or would other engineers that worked on other aspects of the browser which doesn’t require as much attention before also chime in?

What did you mean by different design perspective? Did you not know that the current UI for the new Brave is actually the standard Chromium interface?


Did you not know that the current UI for the new Brave is actually the standard Chromium interface?

I knew that the new Brave is the standard Chromium interface, and that’s why I asked the question.My question was based on the move From Muon to bare Chromium.Muon design perspective was based, according to what I felt, on making the user comfortable, secure, making the page loading faster and safe guiding the user privacy?By shifting to the bare Chromium interface, I thought is Brave taking the Chromium perspective of providing the minimum functionality to the user, and only going to concentrate as one of their own on the Basic Attention Token project, while shfiting away from the user centric features like safe guiding the user privacy, making the page loading faster, and so on … _The thought I had was “Is Brave going to implement user privacy as the responsibility of the user through the Basic Attention Token feature, and privacy was only going to available as a selective option, which could only be gained to certain exent through the Basic Attention Token”. In fact, What is the reason to move from Muon to bare Chromium without building on what was already available?


Hi @Varuna

The answer can be found here Brave Unveils Development Plans for Upcoming 1.0 Browser Release, Including Transition to Chromium Front-End | Brave Browser

In short, by moving to Chromium front-end, the team can be focused more to Brave specific features like Brave shields, Brave Rewards, etc. The migration just make it easier to develop and maintain Brave because it’ll solved many bugs in the Muon version (bookmarks manager, tab, etc). More benefit can be found in the post.

Also Brave will always try to explore more ways to protect it’s user, improving the protection etc.

The team also working on the UI to make it more Brave. Many things will changed and improved. It’s in the works. :slightly_smiling_face:


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