Is Brave robbing us?

Well this question need to be asked. I start using Brave on January and like many of you did not get my rewards that just vanished after it was said that payout is coming, then today like many of you have received only less of half of my February rewards. So does Brave make us watch ads of their partner to then keep the rewards for themselves and tell us some bs?


Maybe yes

Brave you own us some explanations because you are keeping what we earn without telling why and what’s going on.

But bro how are you earning 50 bats in one month that’s unbelievable

hahah. you must have done something, its not believable.


every month i keep cumulating BATs but he only give me around 1 per month, i asked why and @steeven told me more will come in time. But it’s not true. yeah like in the screen you can see i’ll get 1,785 BAT in 7 days, but that’s all i’m getting, all months have been like this, thats why i cumulated thi big sum of BATs…that i’ll never see. I’m really considering giving up on Brave

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TL;DR — No, we’re not robbing you.

First, to be clear:

:point_up: This is correct — nobody is earning 50 BAT a month. If you see this, it is either an error in reporting (not likely) or you are gaming the system (likely, users try this all the time).

Last months payment hit several snags that we are still trying to resolve. It is unfortunate that these setbacks are taking so long to rectify — however, please note that they are being rectified and any legitimate users affected by these setbacks should be paid out in full.

I’m not entirely clear on the issue you’re describing. The amount of BAT you show in your screenshot seems perfectly reasonable —are you saying that you feel like you should be earning more BAT each month? Or that the amount you earn each month isn’t fully paid out? If the latter, please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID (found on your brave://rewards-internals page) and I can take a look.

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I addressed it in this post I’m linking below. Also, Steeven kind of said elsewhere. I’m asking for more details on what’s happened this month but it does occur once in a while with Brave. The ads haven’t not reconciled, meaning the system hasn’t processed which particular ads we’ve seen and been able to ready the money.

In transparency, it is showing what we’re receiving and what is remaining. If they were robbing you, all that BAT would have vanished. Heck, they’d even hide how much you get paid per ad and would just skim from the top. Think about it, why would they just immediately steal large numbers of BAT from everyone out of nowhere?

We just have to wait and we’ll get our BAT. It can be annoying when something “goes wrong,” and we don’t get things as fast as we want, but Brave usually catches up and gets things handled.

@Mattches, I just finished talking to Steeven and he’s looking into it to make sure no issues. What’s being shared here is they are saying that they had over 3.4 BAT that showed in Estimated Earnings to be paid here in March. But then as those payments began, the system is showing Your +1.757 BAT February rewards will arrive in 6 days

So it’s then a question of why more than 1.5 BAT was left to roll over to the following month? Yeah, we always have some ads and amounts that do. But 1.5 BAT is like 150-300+ ads worth of BAT. It’s unusual to have that many that have not yet been reconciled.

In my feb earning only half was processed and rest was transferred to the march earning

Value 1700 BAT = 1.3$?
ss from March 2019.

I totally agree with you, there are then enormous numbers of ads that have not yet been reconciled.

As I learn more, at least shared this. It’s being looked into.

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Thanks for these clarifications and answering a legitimate question. This is more reassuring than, unfortunately, staying silent like @steeven and from what i can see closing threads without them being solved. Hope that the issues will be solved soon and as you said here any legitimate earnings will be given back to their legitimate owners. 2 months are long and issues after issues without communications on what’s going on raise many legitimate (in my case) questions.

@Saoiray Well, i find your way of reasoning on this subject a little too easy. Let me remind you that their is a zillion way to rob. 2 of them being the obvious way and the other one being the sneaky way. Let me remind you that a company owner can have an honest vision and does his job honestly, but his partners, employees etc do the opposite job and have a more selfish vision on his back. I ask a legitimate question as a newcomer and @Mattches understand that. You surery have your experience before with Brave and learn some informations from that. When I’m new to all of this, see issues, do not get my legitimate earnings, and do not have any explanations about that, I will not wait. You do it if that’s your type, me i want to know again legitimately what’s going on.

Until yesterday I had accumulated more than 3 BATs in each Android/Windows version.

Today, after the cut, in estimated earnings I only have
Android Stable 1.183 BAT
Android Beta 1,600 BAT
Android Nightly 1,493 BAT
Windows 10 Stable 0.405 BAT

It is very unfair

I Am Also experiencing the same issue

Yeah, I feel you cmam.

Its been two months since I even received any bat. All of my browsers just stopped getting it, no explanation, yet the ads keep rollin in. I got about .25 bat by the first week of Jan, and then it just stopped.

Super disappointed.

To be clear, I mean my browsing isn’t even accumulating, it did pay out what little that did accumulate.

Well, they’re extremely slow and there are a lot of issues with brave rewards but they’re definitely not robbing us. I mean I had issues about not receiving my brave rewards for 2 months in a row. I complained. It took a lot of time but in the end, I got my BATs.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s very unfortunate to have all these issues coming from the “Best browser”. I will mark this thread as solved since @Mattches answer the question. We will see if in the near future our reward issues are solved.