Is Brave rewards real

In my opinion Brave rewards do not works. Ive been here for more than 1 year and I never get anything from UPHOLD. Neither a message to confirm my account.

Brave rewards work in India. We got our first payouts for the year in Sept. 2023.

Maybe elaborate on your issue in order to get some help?
Is your profile connected to Uphold?
When was it connected?
If in September, then the ads you saw after you connected in September should have amounted to some BATs which shoulda been paid in October payout.

If in case you connected in October, then the ads you see in October will be counted and you shall receive the payout according to the estimated earnings balance in the brave rewards page.

It’s a real scam, yeah.

Be me, accumulate BAT for over a year. Brave forces me to transfer my balance to either Gemini or Uphold. I follow instructions. A few weeks later the exchange delists BAT and keeps my balance. If you assume this is a typical case, they’ve probably pocketed millions of dollars.

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