Is Brave Rewards a Fraud?

They are very selectives. An example of this is, big channels are getting rewards from referral program yet (Lonrot for example). A the other channel they blocked and not paid us. They are blowing the bat price, and later they will sell the millions of bat the have, and leave the project, and bat will be at 0.

I do believe so. I’ve been waiting for more than 5 months to get my bat transfer to uphold.

Well not anymore, since the referral program has been suspended altogether.

initially it was great but lately it started to feel like it is fraud. have not received rewards since September, informed Brave on January, not resolved til now and February is almost over

@braave_does_not_pay - as requested several times, please DM me the wallet ID linked to your account and I’m happy to help! To date, I haven’t received any additional information from you.

@cb247 - I’m very sorry for the delay. We’re a tiny team and work through thousands of request. Please see my reply to your DM.

Hi all - if you are still missing BAT and haven’t already, please DM me the wallet ID linked to your account and I can help to figure out what’s going on. Thank you for your patience.

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Resolving issues in DM’s - sensitive info requested (walltet ids).