Is Brave Rewards a Fraud?

Does anyone else find it very suspicious that Brave is being very quiet about not paying most of its users for at least one to several months? And why are the Brave employees randomly choosing which users to support by asking them for their details in a private DM instead of updating everybody on the situation and the status of payments?


Hi @braave_does_not_pay - happy to help troubleshoot if you have a specific issue.

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I have this same problem I have not received my payment this month and you have not answered my private.


I got ignored when I gave my email in his dm



Let’s hope they respond soon, because just as it happened to a group of people, it can happen to anyone, that without a specific reason, their creator payments are not credited to their uphold wallet.

we wait for answers.

my email linked to my creator account

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Maybe they waiting for bat prices to go down /runzzz


Why do you not answer me ? Also no one can answer for me why I did not receive money? You work irresponsibly. I asked for a clear answer and a plan for Japanese people like me to receive money

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No Bat tokens are a great reward. 5 years from now could be worth100 dollars. Follow @bitboy for more info

Yeah, the lack of any proper and open response to the issue is most definitely suspicious and worrying. I have been trying to get any kind of response to multiple reward-related issues in Ad and BAT system acting weird - #4 by namaserajesh
but no dice…

I’ll give the Brave developers one more month to properly inform the community of the situation before they convince me the Brave Reward system is a fraud (I mean, someone has to get paid for all the ads users are seeing, and it most definitely isn’t the Brave community…)

Since there is a risk that the developers might delete all these discussions to save face it’s also recommended that we keep discussing this issue on multiple forums and not only here on the official Brave community.

Oh, and WHY is the word s - cam not allowed to be used on this forum? That is REALLY suspicious

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@Makrod please see reply to DM. @Sarveshrulz it looks like you attempted to changed your 2FA but haven’t completed the process. @khanhkid we’ve done all that we can on our end for your account, as has been communicated several times. @WhoSn taking a look at your thread.

Thanks all!

Thank you for the reply, finally! But I have completed the process and its already been 30 days ++

I messaged the details to @steeven and he responded and resolved my issues.

Brave is not at all fraud, they have limited people in the support team that’s why there is a delay in responses.


@supergalaxy - please see DM.

@steeven please see my DM

@steeven, I’ve sent several PM’s and two DM’s and you haven’t replied to them.

The OP is right, @steeve is choosing who he replies to.

Did you not read my post correctly, @steeven? The payment issue is affecting many people, not just myself or a few others, so why aren’t you explaining these problems to everybody and why are randomly choosing which users to support? And with several people it appears you are deliberately ignoring their requests and pretending their concerns do not exist. If so, you are clearly lacking integrity and should be ashamed of your conduct.

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Just because you and a couple others have been paid does not mean Brave Rewards is not fraudulent. Do you know what a Ponzi scheme? Continuing to serve ads and collect payments from advertisers while not paying ad viewers is exactly what a Ponzi scheme is. Countless others have emailed him, and he does not support their requests. It is unprofessional,passive aggressive behavior on the part of @steeven to pick and choose. Brave makes more than enough money to hire lawyers to go after people for trivial reasons and to hire staff, so there is absolutely no excuse for them not to pay everybody (not just you) in a timely and fair manner

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It isn’t a Fraud in the least. It works perfectly most of the time. It just has a small team of support staff, that’s why it take a lot of time to sort out issues. The browser works Great and is smooth and easy to use. They should hire more people as support staff.

Brave finds time and money to quickly send lawyers after people who clone their browser for intellectual property reasons. They can easily pay the people who use their Browser to view ads.