Is Brave referral program fair? Lost 2000$ for 1 little mistake…

I want to understand how fair is the attitude of the Brave affiliate program to its partners.

For about half a year I have been promoting Brave Browser through google ads. More than 4,000 was spent on advertising. My campaigns brought in real users from all over the world. In early November, I made an unfortunate mistake while I was expanding the reach of campaigns and changing strategies. I had forgotten to add negative keywords and got branded traffic. In this connection, brave suspended my account with a request to add negative words. I apologized and described the situation. And in the end they refused to reopen my account in the last months of which I had spent 2000 on advertising !!!

What angered me:

  1. I could not get an answer for 30 days. There was no time or time limit.
  2. After 30 days, the brave write-offs in a dry form answered that they would no longer restore my account so the affiliate program was over.

Why I feel right

  1. I know for sure that violations of violations of other partners were warned, and their accounts were restored subject to changes in advertising campaigns !!!
  2. I worked with this company in a systematic way and brought REAL users. I worked hard using my knowledge and spending my money. I mproved advertising campaigns regularly .During six months my traffic had been meeting the conditions of the program before this error (I have saved campaigns)
  3. The world’s best affiliate programs in their rules for security violations:
    3.1 First warning (which is reasonable in my opinion, because such a mistake can be made not intentionally)
    3.2 In case of repeated violation, either a monetary fine or an account ban. In my case, there was no first warning (although I did not do it intentionally), nor any fine in the form of money.
    Ban without appeal

What I think is fair in this situation:

  1. Give me a warning or withhold some funds in favor of Brave (Part of the funds!)

What I want:
Get unbanned my accounts and get funds for REAL users. I want to say that there was a mistake on my part and I am ready to transfer part of the funds to Brave. At the very least, I would like to get BAT equivalent to my ad spend.

Friends, write your opinion - am I right? Can I hope for any compensation?


Hi there. Its very strange lol. Because some time ago (about year or more) I was in very similar situation as yours. But thanks Brave they unban me and made just a warning. Hope the situation will end favorably for you!


Hi, I think they should warn us, I had the same situation, I had no informations about negative keywords, I haven’t used “brave” keyword but my Ads had show for this phrase very often without “brave” phrase, I even wrote to them about it many times and got permission that everything is ok and I can do that. Unfortunately, I couldn’t, but fortunately this permission influenced the reopening of my account. I think that the company’s policy towards people using Google Ads is very ill-considered.


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