Is Brave really blocking ads and tackers on or now just partially?



I am using version 0.59.35 Chromium, but I also tested this with Developer Channel v0.61.20 and Beta Channel v0.60.26.

Few weeks ago, when I watched a channel on Mixer the ads blocking number stat on the Shields icon would increase because of the that runs thousand times a day.
But now it doesn’t do that, once it loads the channel and video, the count number of blocking ads stay at 5. example:$mscomCookies=false&ext-javascript-msfpc='GUID%3D57fca5bbe56f45ccaaede787aa460b29%26HASH%3D57fc%26LV%3D201901%26V%3D4%26LU%3D1548920325500';type=mxr;cat=lp_std;u1=en-US;u2=en-US;u5=;u6=Mixer%20|%20Interactive%20Livestreaming;dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;tag_for_child_directed_treatment=;ord=6226375499274.126?

And after Shields reports these entries as blocked, it won’t say it blocks anything else and it stays at that unlike before.

Nano Adblocker when using dynamic filtering or Easyprivacy rule (which is determined by the “”), the count increases, and it reaches 150K+ entries blocked, like it is suppose to do and like Brave used to do it.

My question:

is Brave is blocking the but now Brave Shields doesn’t log same entries over and over again? or Brave is not working correctly and only blocking it once and letting it through after, which means it is failing at doing its job, which means I would have to use nano adblocker or other adblocker, if not it won’t be blocked it until it is fixed?

Before Brave Shields would quickly say 99+ for those but not it stays at 5 and doesn’t increase.

So this is like a question to find out if it is a bug or a new behavior with Brave adblocking. I mean, It would be nice if Brave adblocker had a better log for what it blocks and what it allows. but since it doesn’t I better ask in case it is a bug.



cc @sriram @Mattches in case they know about this.


Thanks for reporting. There is a bug on this that needs some investigation. I’ve logged an issue for that. Please track the issue here


Thanks for that github issue, Hope it gets fixed soon! :ok_hand:t2:

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