Is brave or hosting? VM15

I just do not like to see it in the console :slight_smile: path on file debugger:///VM15
i understand what it dev version but why note of warning in console?

example not show this line in console and i not see VM15. i not understand about it.

function Nl(a,b,c){var d;if(b){b=(d={},b[6].push(d),d);if(void 0==c)throw new TypeError;b[1]=c;a=V()-a;if(void 0==a)throw new TypeError;b[2]=a}}function W(a){null==a&&(a="");-1==a.indexOf("[0;")&&-1==a.indexOf("[1;")||(a+="\u001b[0m");Zm||null==$wnd.console||"function"!=typeof $wnd.console.log&&"object"!=typeof $wnd.console.log||$wnd.console.log(a);Am+=a+"\n"}var Ok=0,Am="",Zm=!1;function Ek(a){var b,c;c="";for(b=0;b<a.a.b.length&&!c.length;b++)c=N(a.a,b).ub();return c}

By the way, when I wrote a similar code for my site, I had the same question because the indicators were the same ! I still don’t understand why this is so…
In any case, I asked for help from a colleague who understands code better than me, and he said that the code is written correctly, but the functionality does not allow me to do this. I do not know why this happened, because I thought that everything would work well. My colleague advised me 28Msec to find a web hosting service for this case and not try to do it myself, as I would have wasted a lot of time. After all, it is not a fact that I would find the source of the problem and fix it.