Is Brave going bankrupt?!

I’m worried. Is Brave going bankrupt? Will the referral program end or conditions for current publishers worsening? It’s very sad what happened on October 8 …

I hope not :joy:

They planned $1million but have spent $12million on referral program…too much than they can handle I guess

What happened on Oct 8? Am I missing something here?

Please elaborate this topic

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Oh, Brave company wont go bankrupt :slightly_smiling_face:

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he’s just afraid that brave company may go bankrupt because brave paid too much in referral program

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stay calm guys.

I think this is just an act to collect information about how publishers had earned too much, how they did, what methods they are using.
then fix, then adjust.
anyway thank Brave company, they are working hard to make us a good product.

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oh so you think they can’t just run a poll on what methods are we using
unless you are a naive kid it’s pretty easy to see what’s going on

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