Is brave ever going to get bing maps to show?

On latest ubuntu brave desktop, does not display the maps. When it first loads the map appears for a moment, when it has fully loaded the map disappears and becomes blank white.

I have refreshed, cleared cache and restarted, disabled any extensions, checked my custom filters to make sure there is no domain filters there, and visited it in private window mode. This has been ongoing for months now, i was hoping for a fix but it seems no one uses bing maps.

Seems to work fine for me, on both Fedora 37 as well as Ubuntu 22.04.1.

You could maybe try turning off Hardware Acceleration, as well as see if you have anything set in brave://flags .

Also, if you go to brave://settings/shields/filters and ‘Show full list,’ is anything checked there?


I had a couple filters, disabled them and went to maps, still not working. Nothing in flags… Then disabled hardware acceleration, same thing. On ubuntu 22.04.

This is what it looks like:

So brave doesnt care about getting 1 of the 2 map providers to work. Good luck with your <1% marketshare.

Why do you say so? I can see maps from both providers. The issue does not seem to be with Brave. As you can see if you read the comments above, other users with same environment can see the maps.

If you have a technical issue, then you should contact Brave Support. Shouting and blaming here in the community will not help you.

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Hello @supertaco

could you create new brave profile and see if it work fine there?

go to menu then choose create new profile then check the map without doing any customization on brave

what is your brave version and your ubuntu version and how did you install brave using snap or the command line from here

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It works if i create a new profile. Ubuntu 22.04, installed with terminal, not the snap version.

How do i get my bookmarks back? what the hell did i just do to my bro

I found the problem, block fingerprinting on strict breaks it. I dont see why it works fine on google of all sites but not bing.

Hello @supertaco

glad that you figured it

strict setting for fingerprint could break some sites that’s normal

you need to go back to your old profile all your data still there

next to the menu there will be circle icon click on it then choose your other profile

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