Is Brave contacting non-verified publishers?

If a site receives a contribution but is not yet a verified publisher, does Brave attempt to contact the site owner via domain registration info to let them know? If not, it seems like kind of a waste of users’ time to even try to contribute to unverified sites at all. Also, most sites have probably never heard of Brave Rewards or know anything about it, so unless Brave is contacting them when they receive a contribution, it’s going to really slow down adoption of the system.

YouTube hesabım doğrulanmış olmasına rağmen doğrulanmamış görünüyor

We do, when we’re able. We have brought on multiple large publishers this way. For those we can’t reach, we have built-into the tipping process an option to Tweet, and share news of your tip. This has resulted in many more creators joining the program.

If you have ideas who how we could bring more awareness, please do not hesitate to reach out and share. We’re always eager to improve, wherever possible.

But you do that manually through phone emails, do you have list we could work on? I am in sales so I have no problem to cold call, especially to tell people the can make money and there is nothing to pay for it, so if you supply a list we can agree on a cut to every new creators we bring in?

We don’t provide a list of tip-recipients. The best option for the time being is to reach out to your favorite content creators. Our team is actively working on strategic partnerships as well. Together we can cover the Web :slightly_smiling_face:

Obviously you don’t provide the lists to a random guy in the chat. But I am talking about establishing a healthy relationship where you outsource the conversion of plenty of leads that are not even aware they are, and that are going cold. But more importantly they are losing on this great concept because nobody is there to pitch them. That’s actually what I do for a living, so I can help make this happen:
Best next step I see would to have a quick chat at your best convenience to get an idea of the volume.
Best Regards

Thank you for the generous offer, Nunzio. I would love to hear more on how you feel we can improve outreach efforts; feel free to direct message me here on Community. All the best!

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