Is Brave Browser taking support from Google Chrome?


Logged into gmail through Brave browser for the First time.
I received a security alert mail saying a new login.
I opened the Review page and i found that, Browser name was Chrome not Brave.

Actual: Chrome(browser)
Expected: Brave browser.

Is it that Brave browser is taking a support from Google Chrome browser ? that is why am i seeing it has Chrome(browser).

Please find the image attached.
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Brave currently returns “Chrome” as its user-agent, which makes websites believe it is Chrome.

I am not 100% sure what you mean by “takes support from”, but here are some facts that may help:

  1. Brave is a Chromium-based browser (which is the open-source base that is also used to develop Google’s proprietary Chrome browser);

  2. Brave currently returns the “Chrome” user-agent, which makes websites think that Brave users are Chrome users;

  3. The code for Brave strips out anything that calls home to Google. There is no communication between the Brave browser and Google, whether that be Google Accounts or user data collection.


Closing this topic because @chriscat’s response is accurate and contains all necessary information. If you have any further questions @lroopesh, please feel free to create a new topic or message me directly.

Thank you!