Is Brave a very Big lie?

yesterday (27/05/2021) = 3.225 BAT’S
today (28/05/2021) = 1.924 BAT’S ???


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I do not understand, will i receive it back?

you will see your estimated pending rewards counter decrease. Don’t worry, you aren’t losing any BAT that is owed to you for any ads you’ve seen since then! This fix will only subtract from your estimated pending rewards counter what should have already been subtracted earlier this month when you received your payout.

i cant understand man (im from brazil), explain more simple, please - will i stay with 1.924 or will i receive back what was taken, and receice back the 3.255 ??? more simple answer please

will i receive it or not? yes or no???

Nothing was taken that you earned.

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So, they give more, you have a sensation thet you are earning more, than they take it away - you guys dont play fare - i remember in the firt week, the bats was showing with more value, and as the time go passing the value go down… you try to create a felling that it worth… you guys dont play fare… Brave is a Lie

No, there was a glitch in the system that gave the appearance that you earned more than you actually did. That glitch has now been fixed. Brave is NOT a lie.

The value of BAT changes all the time, just as with any other type of crypto. That value is set by the market, not by Brave.

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@rosiecar is correct here.
The only thing that changed was the incorrect display of your estimated earnings. You didn’t actually earn what was taken away – the browser had been showing you the incorrect amount.

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+1 5 to 2.5 dropped from yesterday 1 month didnt give already cut whats happening ?

Now the BAT´s is not runing - it´s stoped all day…

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