Is brave a spyware and does it track you and your history

Do you track me and take my info and steal it?

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Brave is like Google Chrome, except it does not do that.

But if you’re really paranoid (like me) you can configure it to delete history, cookies, cache etc, on exit.

If they were, they wouldn’t tell you… ask Google, Firefox, Microsoft or Opera… do you think they will answer you with reality or what you want to hear?

Brave is fully open source, you can go and check their source code and commits to see what they do.

If you are that paranoid, how do you manage to want to be on the internet? once you plug on the internet you are literally giving tons of your information to every page and service you go, you don’t know if they keep it or delete the information like they say. You probably have a phone or computer, do you think you never send any info from those devices?

Internet = no privacy at all.

I mean, if Brave sells your info, they have done a good job at not getting caught. Brave got caught even when some insignificant bug or misbehavior happened in Brave, and we will hear about them for the next 20 years to go.

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