Is altervista supported for verification?

You bat token project is very interesting.
I was able to verify my youtube page.
I have problem with my altervista web site.
Some days ago, I go to get my altervista site verified.
I followed all the steps, but I was not able to get my altervista site verified.
I mean: .well-known subdirectory in the root folder, etc…
It does not work.
So my question is : is altervista site supported for bat verification?

@Fra I’m not familiar with Altervista. But you need your own in order to verify your site. If you have your own TLD, then you can try DNS record method. It’s easier and should work well.

Hi eljiuno.
Thank for your answer. I agree with you.
I think the problem I do not have my
I am not enable to use DNS for free into altervista.
I should have to pay a fee every year for it. It is too much for me.

I think a lot of people uses altervista amd orher similar free services.
I do hope BAT rewards will be available for these people soon!!!
I own this free service on altervista an BAT rewards is the best for my to start collect small donation.
Have a nice day!

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