Irregularities of 'Irregular Profile Flagging' [Zebpay and Indian user]

Briefly describe your issue:

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? (V 1.60.110)

Who is your verified custodian? ZebPay

Are you in a supported region? Yes[India]

This is an open post to the Brave Team and anyone who is interested. Add along or rebut any points.

@Saoiray Hello,

I’m a user from India and like every Indian Brave user, I was waiting for the Custodial Wallet support for Indian users. I was very excited when Zebpay came through and the first time I connected it, the process went smooth until I get the “Your brave rewards profile is flagged” message, now that was a first in two years of my Brave experience so I thought it must have been a “mistake or a bug”, so I waited for the payout month, I lost my balance so I raised a Ticket and someone named “J” (which I suspect is a bot) replied saying I had “irregular activity” or so it thinks.

I was lost, set back and shattered to see my 15 VBat go down the drain, the same VBat that I saved since two years. Accepting this loss, I raised another ticket wanting to know what was the “irregular activity” and how do I avoid that in the future, then “J” replied again with the same “text” nothing related to what I asked and exact copy paste of it’s previous reply.

I ultimately accepted my loss and now when I read your answer from another post here, I cannot stop but ask,

1)I scroll brave news every morning and every time I come back from college, I read a lot of news, not just the “Brave News” but other regional and local news collections, “Google news” and scroll the Brave news on and on until it just can’t keep up with me and starts showing older articles, it’s just one of the things I do regularly because I like to stay informed, I like to know what’s happening in the world. And I see a few ads, now, I can’t be flagged for being well informed or having the itch to read the news. On the contrary, let’s say someone trades stocks or is a political watcher/analyst, now if they really liked the “Brave News” and customized it according to their taste, they are likely to keep coming back to it or scrolling it - just like the way some people end up scrolling Insta reels or Youtube shorts, or the TikTok endlessly with no goal. Did Brave team consider this? or have they totally forgot that Personalized recommendations and a recommender only works if the user interacts, in this case scrolling the Brave news and clicking on the articles so yes, Brave ads come up a lot so either remove them form the Brave news or make them less frequent but DON’T FLAG profiles.

2)Now, I open a lot of new tabs, I have multiple tabs open right now too, yes my RAM supports having multiple tabs run at the same time, so how do I open a tab with new content or search something different? yes “a New tab”, now, ads appear and I know someone can exploit that and make a lot of BAT , but have you considered how I just made 15 to around 20 VBat in two years, not 30 or 100 but just 15 to 20 VBat, let’s assume even if I get 1Vbat every month for 2 years, that should be 24 VBat, well, was I rewarded under? come one now, that makes no sense, I exploited and still earned way less than normal browsing would earn? I was flagged for that?

So, someone can use VPN and get ads specific to some country, earn a lot of BAT specific to that country, yes this seems a good argument for flagging a profile. But, Brave has a paid VPN feature !! It is literally offering a paid VPN feature and if it so against users using VPN and targeting the ads but has no way for sure to distinguish “fair VPN users” from “cheating VPN users” , does using Brave VPN give user a clean chit? One could use the VPN you provided and also exploit the system, have the Team considered this? perhaps stop offering the VPN and be specific that Brave and VPN do not go hand in hand, that anybody using a VPN may have their rewards profile flagged in the future or construct a mechanism to know for sure if there was an exploit by the user.

4)Before ZebPay integration came, all Indian users had the only option of gifting the creators, and any VBat earned was allowed to be given to creators, I gifted a lot of Youtubers and that was never a problem but the moment I tried to withdraw my VBat to the ZebPay wallet, my profile gets flagged, First time after two years but never once in the two years, it was fine if I gifted the creators the same VBat but now it’s “irregular VBat” earned thorough “irregular activities” if I want to withdraw. Any explanation for this?

I am sorry @Saoiray and Brave Team if I sound offensive in any part of the above text, but I have to be on the offense now, now that we move from VBat to Bat, new wallet support for the Indian users and most importantly, now that we can finally cash it out. Am I pissed? yes maybe a little but I this cannot keep happening with the new Bat and Zebpay integration. So please help me and others like me.

@SmartyAadi , What’s your take on this, and how do I solve this problem of earning the Bat fair and from square one , I remember you telling we have to reset or profile or something, can you please link the solution.

Thank you

@manu11211 part of why Brave never discloses specifically what resulted in flagged accounts can be seen here.

  1. Misunderstandings from other people

  2. How people want to argue.

There’s a lot of information wrong in what you said. Even in things like:

Brave already limits how many ads we can see. Even if you want to see more, you can’t get more than 12 ads in Brave News per hour. And just viewing ads in itself won’t get you flagged.

Having open tabs has nothing to do with getting flagged.

That automatically connects to your country or one near you. And as had been said many other places, VPN alone isn’t enough to get you flagged. It can contribute, but not enough.

When you go to withdraw, the system checks your account standing and makes sure everything you earned is authentic. It makes sure there’s no fraud or abuse. Keep in mind that vBAT were customer rewards points only valid of Brave’s services, which was tipping and all. When you go to withdraw, you were converting this to “cash.” Therefore they were more picky to make sure nothing illegal was being done.

When you went to withdraw, it saw whatever abuse or issue occurred on your device.

You can’t. At least not directly. Flagged accounts are supposed to be connected to custodial partners. So if you’ve been flagged when trying to connect to ZebPay, then this should result in anything you link to that same ZebPay as being flagged within a month or two of you connecting.

This is something Brave had started doing because people just got used to trying to reset their Rewards to start earning again, trying to bypass suspensions. If this has been implemented along with other changes as they said it would be, then you’re out of luck.

I mean, could you perhaps have someone else create a ZebPay and you connect it? Sure. But if you’re doing things you shouldn’t, then it just would eventually result in them being flagged as well.

There’s not much of anything to be said for anyone who Brave says won’t have accounts reinstated. As much as I’d like to have some answer for you, there’s just nothing further to say.

In regards to others, it’s just that they need to casually use their browser. If they are setting timers, trying to see the max ads they can consistently, use VPN to appear in multiple countries, or any of a bunch of other things not listed…then they are just going to be out of luck. This is not a crypto miner or crypto farm. This is just a normal web browser you’re supposed to use without thought. Then whenever BAT arrives, it’s extra.

In most cases, the people getting flagged are the ones who get too focused on earning BAT. Them trying to do anything and everything they can to maximize the amount of ads and BAT they earn usually results in them abusing the system and getting flagged.

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