iPhone Passcode Brave Browser Lockout

When I went to input my Brave mobile passcode, I no longer can use the unique number I selected just for the browser. It looks like I’m forced to use the passcode for unlocking my phone, using my wallet and other highly private secure activities. Why would I share that info with some browser? Especially one that gave no notice of this significant change.

Am I totally locked out? Any way I can copy my bookmarks and open webpage links?


Brave iOS coders have, for a long time, been trying to resolve various bugs related to the Passcode protection for Logins.

They resolved (at least for now, as far as I can tell) to borrow/use the Apple iDevice authentication . . . and we are locked out (for now, at least) from manually editing and changing the Passcode for Logins:

The issue at GitHub (for Brave iOS), you might take a look:

You may notice, over on the right, at that webpage, the Linked issues:

Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 10.27.46 AM

When at that webpage, you may hover your mouse over those and get a brief idea, or you may click on them to read more.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, 289wk.

I’m paranoid about giving Apple access to parts of my iPhone I don’t voluntarily wish to shareAnd that they don’t explicitly “own”. So I’ve uninstalled the Brave iOS browser for now.