iPhone Bookmarks Fail

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  1. Use Brave on iPhone.

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I expect my well organized bookmarks to stay as organized and to work properly.

Just now a page opens up saying Some of my bookmarks failed to migrate. And it lists all the bookmarks that I can manually add back.

Well, again Brave broke the bookmarks. It was working just fine a d apparently there was an update and you broke what was the best bookmark feature of any browser on the iPhone.

You’re really bad at “improving”. Just stop updating what doesn’t need to be updated.

There’s a whole bunch of bookmarks.

Same problem here on iOS 14.1 (18A8395) Brave 1.21 (

After updating Brave forwarded me to http://localhost:6571/interstitial/Bookmarks.html

It looks like any bookmark organized into folders/subfolders failed to migrate.

Interestingly it is one-year to the day since the last time Brave wiped my bookmarks. Brave, please improve your testing around Bookmarks.

This helped last time (I will attempt this when I have time): https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035573491-How-can-I-recover-my-lost-iOS-bookmarks-

I am having a very similar issue and it is driving me crazy. I’ve tried so many things with no luck. I’m also seeing the issue on my iPad. (Both are on a sync chain with my PC)

what is exactly the problem? your bookmarks are gone?

In order to support sync we had to migrate them over to a new database, in case of failure this html you see should show all bookmarks that failed to migrate, then you can pick them one by one and add again

This error message pops up in a new tab every time I open the browser. My bookmarks are there for the most part, but multiple copies of them are created

oh that’s bad, looks like these two folders got stuck and are not able to migrate, yet we keep trying to migrate them again and again
Im going to investigate it and hopefully fix in next release

There are well over a hundred bookmarks. You fix it one by one.

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im curious, did all of your bookmarks fail to migrate or only some of them?
Do you see this ‘failed to migrate’ popup at every app launch too?

Hi, I have a similar problem. In my case, I get the bookmarks migration error almost every time I open Brave on my iPhone and I find that some of the last tabs I opened either disappeared or are not in the same place anymore. I don’t use bookmarks at all but I have lots of open tabs.

I got similar problems both on iPhone and iPad. In my cass, when I tapped add to Bookmark, Brave freezes. I need to force quit, and relaunch .

Having the same issue. Migration failed popup, every. single. time I open Brave. Extremely annoying. Two bookmarks.

I’m having the same issue. I deleted the bookmarks that had “failed” to migrate but I still get the new tab with the error message ragu time I open my browser

Any update on this? Is there a way to remove these failed bookmarks and to get this to stop opening every time I click a link?

Any update on this issue? It’s annoying and it won’t take long before people uninstall Brave on their iphone which would be very sad for adoption.

the fix is ready, we plan to release it this week

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