IPFS node with custom swarm key and bootstrap servers

Hi all! First I’d like to say thanks for everything you have made so far, I am excited for where Brave is heading.

I’m current developing a decentralised platform on top of IPFS, as we are still under development we run our own private IPFS network using our own bootstrap servers and a swarm key. So far we have been using a websockets entry node on one of the bootstrap servers to connect web clients to the network. It would be really awesome if we could reconfigure the IPFS node in Brave to connect to our network, giving us the stability and flexibility of running local nodes, at the very least enabling local caching for our users in their browser nodes.

I understand this is not the main intent of the IPFS node, but the ability to do this would be a real boon for us. If there’s already a way I’d love to know it, and if not if anyone has a suggestion of how to go about this I could take a dive into the source and try and do it in a custom build of Brave - if we go this way I would be very happy to share it though I have reservations it would be at the quality expected for a browser at this point in time!

Thanks again, and I can’t say how excited I was when I realised you have built IPFS into the browser, I think this is brilliant and will be using it myself as a user immediately, and continuing to dig in to see if it can also be used to support our platform during development.