IPFS companion extension UI bug

Hey, the latest update to Brave desktop on linux ( V1.21.73 (Mar 3, 2021) sems to have introduced a UI bug relating to the IPFS companion extension.

Problem is this: IPFS companion UI shows that it is always offline. Here is a picture:


As you can see, the extension is grey-colored, and is not showing the number of peers connected to my local node.

Here is what I see on IPFS companion UI page:

I can’t change this status message no matter how much I click on “power” button on the IPFS companion extension to make it shutdown and restart.

That being said, when I type brave://ipfs on my brave omnibar, I see that brave IPFS integration is running and has connected peers:


Is this a UI bug on part of the IPFS companion extension?

Bump. Anyone has any idea?

Brave desktop linux V1.21.74 (Mar 6, 2021) release has fixed the abovementioned issue.