IP leaking after applying community remedy

I’m using Mozilla VPN. But my actual, local IP address is being shown.

To Reproduce

  1. Open Brave browser v 1.37.116
  2. Open google.com
  3. Enter “what is my ip” in the search field and hit return if needed.

Expected result:
The IP address assigned by VPN will be displayed as mine.

Brave Version:

Additional Information:
I have tried this on 3 other browsers which all behave as expected. They are (all 64 bit).

  1. Google Chrome v 100.0.4896.127
  2. MS Edge v 100.0.1185.50
  3. FireFox Developer browser v 100.0b9

I tried

  • deleting and installing the latest version
  • clearing cache
  • cycling PC
  • cycling ISP router.
  • changing WebRTC settings.

I’m not using 3rd party virus protection. I’m using MS Win10 for VP.

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Hi @boernesky, thanks for reporting. Is this still an issue? Have you updated to the latest version of Brave?

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