iOS Twitter and YouTube Verified Tips Not Working on Mobile

My YouTube and Twitter have been verified for months and they show up as verified on my Desktop. When I go to them on the mobile iOS Brave app they say they are not verified. This was an issue for a long time and that issue was previously closed : Mobile Browser Not showing Verified Websites

I am re-opening this because this is still an ongoing issue.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to Twitter and Youtube that are already verified, check and it says they are not verified

Expected Result

  1. My Verified Twitter and YouTube pages allow me to send my BAT to myself, but it says they are not verified even though it says they’re verified on Desktop

Brave Version : 1.20 (

iPhone XR iOS 14

Thank you for reaching out to us.
This has been around for a bit and is known, we have an open issue for it on Github:

I will add your report to the thread for the devs to review.
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Thanks @Mattches I noticed that ticket has been open since July and there hasn’t been any updates on what the issue is. I will post here what I posted on that ticket:

This issue seems to happen on any of the Brave Creator options, not just Twitter. I have YouTube, Twitter, GitHub, and Reddit all synced and verified with my account, but none of them say verified when I visit them on Brave on my iPhone. They all say verified on my Desktop and Laptop but not my iPhone.

Technically, right now there is no way for me to transfer BAT on Brave for iOS to my UpHold account, it is just stuck on my phone. Other people’s Twitter/YouTube accounts appear verified, but mine do not even though they have in the past and have been verified for months. I’ve tried deleting the accounts and re-adding them, then waiting 72+ hours and still they’re not verified.

What is the current method I can use to send myself my BAT from my phone to my UpHold account? I am stuck at the moment.

@Matches any update on this? I’ve been waiting for 2+ weeks and still nothing is working

I am also having this problem with Reddit. When I use my desktop I see that my reddit account is linked and available to be tipped and verified. When I go to my reddit account on my mobile brave browser it says I am not verified. It has been 10 days.

This appears to be fixed with the latest iOS Brave update. I was able to donate BAT to my Twitter and YouTube account finally. It literally took months for this to be fixed and this ticket was never updated by the development team

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