iOS transfer not showing up in verified PC wallet

Used the QR code for my verified wallet on my PC to transfer my iOS balance and nothing has shown up yet. There was a pop up that said it might take a few minutes, fine, but its been several hours. There is not more options to scan QR code again. Are my BAT lost forever now?

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Hi @mcstanky, thanks for writing in. Did you end up receiving your BAT transfer?

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No, I have not yet received it. Been over 24 hour now. :frowning:

No, I have not yet received it. Been over 24 hour now. :frowning:

Hi there,
I’m having the same issue. I have done the procedure yesterday (around 24hours ago) but got nothing on the browser/uphold wallet.
I have also noticed that the option to transfer is gone.

Do you need any info from me to help complete or speed this up?

Same issue with me. Has anyone figured out what happened to our BAT?

So I just checked and I got 50.25 BAT added but I had around 80 or 90 BAT on my iPhone. Still missing a significant amount of BAT.


Just checked my uphold balance and I see the BAT is transferred now.
I guess it just takes a few hours, not exactly a few minutes. If there was any interference from support, thank you!

Has everyone eventually received their BAT from the ios transfer? Like others have said its almost been 24 hours for me and yet to see anything in my upload or in rewards on my pc. I had no problem with the qr code scanning.

No. My BATs have completely disappeared from my iPad, so nothing showing to transfer from that to my desktop. I tried using the QR Code, anyway, and still nothing.

Any thoughts/help, Brave support??

I got some after about 36 hours but I was shorted 30+ BAT. :rage:


Same here. It has been several days now.

I only received a small %. I didn’t receive all that I had. Lost 90% probably.

Its now been like 6 days and still unable to find my Bat transfer. Ive checked both my rewards on the browser and on upload. If it was one or two Bat I would be like meh, but 150 Bat missing is starting to leave such bad feeling. Even just here’s the transaction code would be helpful other then ios showing nothing and desktop showing nothing.

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Yeah, really seems like Brave dropped the ball on what should be a simple balance transfer. I eventually got some to show up but I’m still missing 30+ BAT. Major fail.

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Hello, All. There was indeed a small bug which resulted in some users receiving only a portion of their iOS rewards. We were able to spot this and get it fixed a couple days ago (preventing any users moving forward to experience the same). We also have a clear record of who had what, so no rewards are lost. We’re working to ship a fix which transfers the remaining rewards to all users who encountered that initial bug. We hope to have that done in the very near future. Thank you for your patience.