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I am attempting to sync. Here is the error message I get–" No internet connection. Please try again when your connection is available."

I am clearly connected to the internet. I’ve tried with my VPN on and off. No dice.

Earlier this morning I was getting the same error message when trying to sign up for or set up my BAT (although that appears to be working now).

Anyone else have this issue or does anyone know of a fix?
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iOS Sync is still in development/testing phase and not available to public. Not sure how you are testing sync between iOS and desktop. We should have iOS sync rolled out sometime soon.


Sorry—this was between DESKTOPS—not iOS. The subject line was a mistake.

I have it up working now. One of my Macs tells me I am not connected to the internet when setting up brave payments, but not an issue right now.

Thank you for the reply


Important edit: I can also confirm that shutting down brave on my computer and starting over solved the problem. Should have tried that first, but the sync now works for me. AND it merged the bookmarks from each device instead of overwriting. Great feature!

I can confirm that I am getting the same error. Started a sync chain on my phone and am getting a “no internet connection” error on my Mac when I try to sync. Haven’t yet tried to start a chain on my desktop and sync the phone because I don’t want to lose the bookmarks on my phone. I am also connected to the internet with no VPN.

Phone - where I started the chain
GS7 Android 8.0.0
Brave Version 1.0.77

Desktop - where I get the error
Brave Version 0.59.35
OS 10.14.2

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Restart fixed the issue for me as well.


Did either of you have VPN running when trying to sync?


Sorry just seeing this late. No, VPN turned off, as I suspected that might cause problems.

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