Ios Shields Data shown even when button is deactivated

Hi, I want to hide the Shields Data (Statistics) on my mobile (Iphone 6s), because the screen is quite small and with the Shields Data (Datenschutzhub in German) showing it takes away lots of space. Under “Brave Shields and Privacy” I deactivated the button “Show Shields Data”, but it still shows on my mobile…any ideas? I only could switch it off on my desktop version…Thanks!

Thank you for reaching out. Apologies but can you specify where exactly the Shields data is appearing that you’d like to hide?

New tab page perhaps?

Is there anyway of disabling it from showing?

Just to be clear, you still having this issue? Also, where are you seeing this?

The reason for asking is that what you see says:

So not sure if you’re talking about New Tab page data? In which case that toggle has no effect. And the numbers that used to show on the icon no longer do, so you’d have to open shields to get the Privacy Hub report of what it blocked. (though admittedly, when I just toggled it off, it still showed me…so that definitely is broken).

It would really help if you could answer on what Mattches asked you, as to where you’re seeing it. If nothing else, I’m kind of curious now…especially since I can’t figure out what that toggle switch actually does as it didn’t seem to affect anything on my phone. lol

Hi there! Yes, this is what I‘m talking about. If not toggled, the data ist still shown. This seems to be broken as you also found out. I added a screenshot, hope it works. All I want is that the privacy hub report is not shown when I open the browser. It works on the desktop version but obviously not on the mobile…hope this can be fixed…Thanks!

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