IOS scan unique transfer code doesn't Work (Brave Wallet to PC)

Yesterday, i just installed version 1.22 ( of brave on my iphone version IOS 14.3. I’m trying to scan QR unique transfer code from my mobile to my PC but it doesn’t work. It says “Brave couldn’t connect, an error occured, where we got it wrong somewhere. (1) Why is it not working?


I get an error when I scan a barcode to make the one time transfer to my PC.
I see no barcode when I follow the directions to brave://rewards


Exactly the same in Brave french version


I have same issue. I see no access to QR code features on desktop @ brave://rewards

QR code just showed up after the browser updated. Waiting on transfer though.
Desktop brave version updated to Version 1.18.75 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Okay, transfer of BAT from iOS to brave desktop is now complete!

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I tried to transfer my iOS Bats to desktop yesterday and my Brave app said that the tranfer was succesful but until now I haven’t received any BATs on my Desktop. I can’t rescan that QR code anymore. How to recover my BATs?
Edit : I got it yet

Anyone get this to work? I read a post to wait a few days and try again but still not working with QR code and still same response. Anyone troubleshoot this yet?

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Yes it finally worked. You do not have to look for the QR code in the synchronization settings. In other words, if you try here: “→ manage your synchronized devices → show the QR code” it sure won’t work!

First make sure you have updates to the most recent versions of Brave installed on your iphone and computer. Then you really have to wait to get a QR code specially dedicated to the transfer of BATs in the brave rewards tab. From the time I created this topic, it took about 5 days for the unique transfer code to appear in the Brave browser on my computer. Then the transfer was easily done in my wallet.

On the other hand, I did not receive the number of actual BATs I had in the internal data of my iphone … but that’s another story … Let’s say that the Brave rewards is an interesting concept but it there are several shortcomings and hiccups … I hope it will improve because there always seem to be bugs related to rewards with each new release …

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I’ve been trying to transfer from my iphone to desktop for a couple weeks using the legacy transfer. I get the same error saying the rewards server did not respond.

Same issue here. Running Brave v1.18.77 on desktop. I went to brave://rewards and clicked “QR Code”.

When scanned I see “The Brave Rewards server did not respond. Please try again in a moment (1).”

My iPhone worked fine, but my iPad is getting the “The Brave Rewards server did not respond. Please try again in a moment (1).” every time I try for the last few days.

Im having the same problem where i scanned the Qr code from Brave Mac to transfer ios rewards and i keep getting the same error message as the others (cant connect)
My brave version is
Version 1.19.72 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) beta (x86_64)

and my Brave ios is up to date to the last version.
I have tried for more than a week and clicking twenty times to scan but it does not work.
Could the problem come from Brave Browser Beta version ?

Not working for me either.

I hope they can resolve this, I had about $50 worth on my iphone

I haven’t been able to get this to work either. When I go to Settings > Brave Rewards (on iOS), I don’t even see an option to scan the QR code (which does show up on my desktop version of Brave), it just says “Brave Rewards payouts are temporarily unavailable on this device. Transfer your existing wallet funds to a desktop wallet to keep your tokens.”

I have the same! Where is the option to scan QR code I wonder…

Please, Brave fix this error!

same error for me. Please fix this

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