iOS Rewards Transfer issue

I tried to transfer my legacy iOS Brave rewards balance to my desktop wallet and I didn’t receive them

Any fix?

Please DM me the wallet id’s for each of your devices. Thanks!

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I sent you a Dm with the info

Did you see that I sent a dm?

Hello, I have McBook Pro Laptop and iPhone 12Pro. I have a verified Uphold Wallet and all of my BAT rewards got transferred from Brave Browser into Uphold. I then transferred all of the BAT to Brave Rewards. I created two channels for my Brave Rewards and connected my Brave Rewards to Gemini. Why do I not see my BAT on my Brave Rewards? Why have my BAT rewards not transferred into my Brave Rewards? How can I have all of my rewards straight into my Gemini Wallet? Why can I not transfer my BAT rewards from iPhone 12Pro to my Laptop?