iOS No Longer Receiving ADs

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Description of the issue:
ADs are no longer being seen since start of the month.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. ? No ADs

Expected result:
ADs being seen.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.16 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone 11. iOS version 13.4.1

Additional Information:
Received ADs happily till the start of the month.


I have the same issue. No ads pop up on my IOS devices. My wife is having the same issue on her IOS device. I have closed the browser, turn off and back on brave rewards, but nothing worked. I noticed that the brave browser on IOS no longer recognizes registered websites. I also get an error msg when trying to claim my BAT. Also, estimated pending rewards is not showing up. It must all be linked to the bug the Brave team found, but I cannot find an article confirming all the issues mentioned above.


I can confirm this bug, also.


It seems like I have the same issue in iOS too.

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can confrim this too

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There was an update today that has fixed this issue. :slight_smile:

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For anyone encountering this, please ensure you keep the browser up to date – you should receive an update that will resovle this issue.

Can confirm after update . . . . I’ve seen an AD again :smiley:

Are there any ‘‘better’’ settings to opt in so you can get more ads? I’ve got one today, first one in May. I’ve gotten 3 a day in April, since May, nothing, only one today after update.

There are Ads in my country so that should work. Should the region on iPhone be set any different then origin country? Like if i’m from Slovenia, should i set region Germany on my iPhone? Would that help…?


Update ok but no add on iOS ( iPhone and iPad)
iOS 12.4.6

Confirmed on iPad. 1.16.1 and no ads so far. Also tried turning off/on rewards.

Thank you for keeping us informed everyone – we’ll be digging into this over the weekend and should have more information for those of you not seeing ads on Monday. Appreciate your patience.

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I have same issue, can you please implement using the same wallet across devices!! this is very important i guess.

Hi, similar issue here. I’m on the last Brave version on my iOS device. Formerly (like month ago) ads received fine but since then nothing received. Everything updated and notification allowed.

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