iOS: Keyboard / address bar glitches

Description of the issue:
Setting the cursor in the address bar doesn´t work well.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open website by typing URL (e.g. end pressing Open button.
  2. Tap on URL in address bar with your finger to edit the URL.
  3. It´s impossible to set the cursor in the middle of the substrings “apple”, “com”, „shop“, etc. (e.g. after the „a“ letter in the word „apple“. The cursor only can be set before or after the single substrings.

Expected result:
It should be easily possible to set the cursor at any position of the URL.

Tapping and holding on the word for half a second normally brings up a magnifying glass and so it should be possible to set the cursor where you want.

Brave Version
1.58 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone 11

Additional Information:
iOS 17.1

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