iOS Issues - Rewards & No ads

Hi, I have been using brave for about 3 months with no problem until about a week ago. This month when trying to claim my 18 BAT tokens I kept getting an error message.

Left it a few days and the same thing kept happening so I uninstalled the app and reinstalled thinking it may be an issue locally.

I now have no earned or uncollected BAT tokens and found this forum where I immediately see the warning not to reinstall. Maybe it would be a good idea to put these warnings on the App Store software page where people will actually see it?

Prior to this happening after the last update I had stopped receiving ads altogether too. No ad showed for about a week or so.

I was really enjoying the Brave browser but this has really soured my experience.

I assume as according to your forum warning I have lost all my accrued BAT tokens for the last 3 months? I had 18 plus 13 unclaimed. If this is the case then the underlying system it runs on leaves a lot to be desired. For someone to lose all rewards just from reinstalling the app is a pretty big oversight and doesn’t bode well for the future integrity of the whole system.

Please advise…

Hi @joetee - thanks for reporting. Please see this for an update on the issue you are experiencing - May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors.

Hi, have received no response or help in the thread you listed.

Maybe you can help me here?

I have lost my BAT from the last three months and would like to know how to recover them. I’m on iOS on iPhone 8.


Any news on getting back out earned BAT on iOS? Have been ignored so far with no help. This is not how to run a business…

Unfortunately, uninstalling the browser the way you did means that you can no longer retrieve your tokens. However, if you send me a DM with your brave://rewards-internals information I can see what I can do on my end.

Hi thanks for your response. I will DM you as requested but not sure what the brave://rewards-internals information is exactly? Please let me know and I’ll get it sorted!

This is information relevant to your wallet and BAT transactions – we use this to view/montior transactions and trace where things may have gone wrong, as well as to administer refunds.

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Thank you u I appreciate the help and I am sorry