iOS is NOT able to "sync" my iPhone 7 based Brave rewards_BAT with my ( well working ) Brave browser at my MacBook Air !? ( 2015 version )

… hello, dearest Brave-SUPPORTERS***

As I am still not able to sync ( there does NOT APPEAR the mantioned "QR-Code option at all ) my iPhone with the MacBook Air, it would be rrreally nice, if I would get IT-HELP … -_- …

My “regular rewards” via/at my MacBook Air are connected to/with Uphold and it’s system/reward connection “works fine” … !

THANK YOU for your guidance, because I tried EVERY considerable path/access/execution/trial that would be imaginable - until I simply resigned with despaire, because since 2019 I am "tinkering+requesting help_a solution to redeem my rewards/BAT to Uphold … -_- … ((( SMILE* )))

'Sending you APPRECIATING regards in advance … David*

A couple things here –

  1. Sync v2 is not yet available for iOS as it’s currently being held up by Apple app store policies. We’re working on getting this implemented as soon as possible.
  2. With that said, Rewards data is not included (yet) as a syncable datatype. So even if it were, you would need to Verify your wallet with Uphold in order to withdraw funds from it.
  3. However, again, due to Apple’s policies, we’ve been having trouble getting the “OK” to include Rewards verification on iOS devices at this time.

I realize that I just essentially gave you a bunch of bad news, but know that the team is working on all of these issues presently and hope to have a resolution sooner rather than later.


… heeey, dearest Mattches* … THAT’s definitely GREAT ( fact based ) news, because the “iOS issues” are in “work in progress” mode … :+1:

In “the meanwhile” as I stopped even re-trying anymore, I made peace with my "Zen related “monkey mind_inner voice” that my BAT rewards on my iPhone 7 are just collected for the sake of collecting … SMILE* …

B I G THANX-XXL for your mindful & immediate responding … :pray: … let’s see how/when things will work/confirmed by Apple, etc. …

Since regards … !!! … David* …

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… 'brief P.S., dear Mattches* … : Regarding Uphold - yes, my Brave/Brave-reward connection to/with Uphold is verified + ALL GOOD & working ever since ( MacBook Air related reward collections/transfers, only )

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