[iOS] I received a grant of 20 BAT a few months ago. I think it‘s meant to expire if it‘s not spent, but there‘s no info about it anymore

Will the 20 BAT still expire someday? There used to be an expiration date but it completely disappeared some weeks ago.
How do I donate granted BAT anyways and make sure none of my ad-earned BAT are used?

Hi @rep - it will expire after 90 days of non use. The grant is specifically designated for donating, no need to worry about your BAT from Ads disappearing.

Thanks for the reply, @steeven!
So I got 25 BAT in total (of which 20 were granted a few months ago). It used to say “20 BAT will expire in March [or April, I don‘t remember]” but this message disappeared about a month ago.
I guess this is just an indicator bug and I reckon 20 BAT would still be removed from my wallet if not donated till March?
If I tipped a website 20 BAT it would automatically take the granted BAT and the 5 BAT I earned from ads would stay untouched, am I correct?

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Hi @rep - you got it, that’s correct!


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