IOS device estimated pending reward disappears

I am using the latest version 1.22.1( Can I know why my brave reward suddenly disappear I can’t see any estimate pending reward. Izzit bug ?

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Hi all,

i have the same issue since last night i see it like that and when i try to scan on my Laptop doesn’t work. and i really don’t know how to get my Bat back.
maybe is there someone who know what is the issue and when we gonna get our tokens back .

kinds regards

This is due to the December 10th update and our changes to the system to comply with Apple iOS guidelines. Please see the official announcement here for more information:


Hi Mattches ,

thanks for the Info, it was good to know that we will soon be able to transfer our BAT from IOS to Brave desktop browser.


Since the iOS update came out in the middle of the month are the BAT rewards we earned before the iOS change just gone? I am not trying to complain but I had over 6 BAT pending…

What happen with my bat i have 160 bat in my browser and now nothinf

I never see a system of reward like this if its not ready to ios dont offer to ios

Thanks for the info, Mattches! It is a bad news for iOS user :frowning:

Already done the transfer still waiting it to be transfer to my desktop.

How you transfer, to your compter inhave buy mine yesterday and i see that today …

Envoyé de mon iPad

U go bottom press … (3dot) > settings > brave rewards > legacy wallet transfer > enable your device camera. Than go to your desktop brave rewards display the QR code and use your iPhone/ IPad to scan the code.

Now I check back my device legacy wallet transfer icon already disappear after I scan the code. But not sure when they will transfer in my desktop wallet, few hour had passed I still haven’t receive my BAT :bat: from my ios.

Just an update. I already received my BAT in desktop from my IOS. Thanks brave team! :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to know i very appreciate your reply thx very much to take your time for that ! :+1: