iOS browser request

Hi I propose being able to scrolls through tabs by swiping left or right by using the url section.

This really improves switching between tabs easier especially when you are using one hand when having multiple sites opened, particularly when the tabs are on the bottom bar.

That’s all

I believe this is possible. I just opened a bunch of tabs on my iPhone and was able to scroll through the tabs. It wasn’t by clicking on the URL section but instead is swiping near where all the tabs are open (which is just below it). The tab headers slide left and right, showing which websites they have and then you just tap to open it.

Or are you meaning just to simply swipe and it immediately switches to the tab in that direction (so no having to tap on the tab header)?

Hey thanks for the tip.

I was think more of the iphone gesture, is more intentional would and better user interface design but this feature is good too.