IOS Browser New Private Tab Not Working

On IOS, when I press and hold the icon for the latest version of Brave, and select “New Private Tab”, a normal tab opens instead. This behavior did not occur on previous versions.

To reproduce:

  1. On the iPhone home screen, press and hold the icon for Brave.
  2. From the IOS “context menu” select “New Private Tab”.

Expected result: a new private tab should open
Actual result: a normal tab opens.

Version: Brave for IOS 1.32.1 (

IOS 14.8.1

I am also experiencing the same issue when trying to open a private tab on iOS by pressing and holding the app. A normal tab is opened instead

Are you on version 1.32.3?

Yes, I upgraded Brave and I am still seeing the issue.

Version 1.32.3 (
IOS is still 14.8.1

Yes I am on version 1.32.3. I also realized that when attempting to open a normal(not private) tab by pressing and holding the icon on iOS it also does not work. It opens the normal browser.

Still happening on the new release 1.33 (, and iOS 15.2

Also on iOS 15.2.1 and Brave 1.33

Please update to 1.34, it should be fixed there

My bad, looks like it will be solved in 1.35, ticket here

Thanks, michal.

Any ideas on release date?


red floyd

Should be live end of this month depending on Apple review times

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